All thirteen of Us

All thirteen of Us

So as far as the Baker’s Dozen goes: Here is all thirteen of us. The adventures were already a long way in the making by the time I came along, Eight of us are still in this world today. I can not count the laughter and the sorrows along the way. There were, however, Great moments and Sorrowful moments. All of which are a part of life. It saddens me to hear friends tell me that they do not speak to a sibling. I can not imagine that ever being possible in my family. Our parents truly taught us about Faith, Hope and Love…


The Newspaper.

The Newspaper.

I have a joke about how I was famous since I made the Newspaper when I was born…My mom is the famous one…to give birth all these times, and once more after less than a year later. She is my hero, and my dad of course, My dad is holding Sunbeam bread in the photo. They sent him a case after this article was printed…I remember my mom said we owed the milk man $1000 dollars once, and he still delivered, because my parents always paid their bills.