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Labors of Love.

My mom gave birth thirteen times, and I still did it five times…but I was in love with everyone of my babies…..after the first I told my mom. I always wondered how you did it, now I want to know WHY?, and yet I did it four more times…. Something about babies, their like little kittens, cute and cuddly, and loving…I thought when they were all out of diapers I had it made….then they turned into teenagers… a whole other set of skills is needed. And after all these years I have not mastered many of them…so on and on it goes…but then we get to be granma’s, and oh the joy to be loved like you can do no wrong again…so I determined, I know why she did it over and over again…she just loved babies…so what did she do after that …. worked as a nurse on the maternity floor….I give her all my admiration….and have to say….glad I stopped at five…because no pun intended….A handful is more than enough for me…and so I should warn all of them as all of our parents before us warned us….wait until your parents…umm huh…paybacks…and that warning is….you still have time…to be good kids with less pay back…lol Love you, all of my children…and remember my job is to teach you to be independent…and go out into the world and conquer it…I believe you can be who you are meant to be…so stand tall and keep going strong.



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